A few more shots with Christian

Wednesday I was doing post production work until 4:00 a.m. because of a project deadline that I had to hit. I got it done just in time to be on set the next morning. Here are a couple shots from that last day of my sport shoot with Christian.

A few shots from a shoot with JD!

Here are a few shots from a recent shoot with my friend, JD. I think we made some great images. Guess we'll see how they do!

Martha Stewart? I have images in Martha Stewart Living??? Something's not right here!

The Sara Lee Corporation, who owns the dusting product, Endust, purchased one of my images of this girl and her mother making a pie to illustrate the idea of spending more time together as a family and less time cleaning. It came out quite a bit darker than I originally made the image but, still looks pretty good! Like always, I have photographed the magazine so you can see which issue it is in more easily, even though I did not shoot the cover photo.

Road Cycling

I recently did a shoot of my brother who is a road cyclist. Here are some of the images from the shoot. I love having the great outdoors right by my home were I can do a few shots in the studio just before sweet light, and then be on location within minutes to get great outside shots. All these shots were done in about 80 minutes. Thanks to Chris Bunker, my assistant for another great shoot!

SUP Magazine Photo Annual

Here is a shot that I did with my friend and amazing professional athlete, Caroline Gleich. It was recently published in the SUP Magazine Photo Annual. I have included a pic (which is not mine) of the magazine, the original image, and the image as printed in the magazine.

Two ads in Rocky Mountain Game and Fish Magazine!

Firestone and Scalibor both bought the commercial rights to use my images to market their products in the September 2011 issue of Rocky Mountain Game & Fish Magazine. Here is the cover of the magazine so you can find it easily if you want (I did not shoot the cover photo). The Firestone ad has a few images in it. Only one of them is mine. It is the image of the hiker on the crest of a rocky mountain. This image was also bought by Hoopes Vision to market their services.

Hunting images in Field and Stream Magazine for Magellan print ad

Here is a shoot I did a while back. These are some of my earlier hunting images. We froze to death and the wind was absolutely insatiable. Things paid off for this shoot though because Magellan, a well known GPS company bought the images to market the Magellan eXplorist® Outdoor GPS Series. There are 4 images in this ad and two of them are mine. I also showed the cover of the Field and Stream issue that they are in so you can find them if you want.

Here is a snap shot of my new mountain bike. I was heavy into mountain biking while in high school, but after a few bad bikes, a lack of money, and time, I let my love for this sport slip away. I went on a ride with my brother a few weeks ago using my old Trek Y3 bike. We did a 25 mile ride starting at the top of Guardsman pass in BCC and rode to the bottom of Millcreek Canyon. It was a great ride, but 25 miles on an old bike that wasn't quality in the first place, got me motivated to finally find a new bike. This is not a top of the line $5,000 bike, but it is a very nice Specialized Camber Elite 29er, equipped with XT shifters, SLX front derailer, and a XT rear derailer. This is a bike that normally cost well over $2,000 with Alivio shifters, but I got it and upgraded to the XT shifters for just over $1,600. I thought it was a pretty good deal.

Last Saturday I did a pretty intense mountain bike ride on the 157 trail. Here are a few shots I took with my iphone. I always take my real camera on these rides, but this time I decided to just ride and I am sorely regretting it. The views were amazing as this storm rolled over the mountains with the evening sun back lighting the scene. Taking these images with my iphone would have been like trying to ride these trails with a bmx bike. Just doesn't do justice to what I saw, but none the less, at least I have something to remember this ride by.